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Finding Decay:   What is the best way to find decay?  It may not be as simple as you think.  We have always relied on x-rays and probing around to feel soft spots in teeth, along with visual examinations.  The problem is that x-rays don't show all decay, in fact there must be significant decalcification before anything shows on an x-ray.  Poking around is not always reliable because sometimes decay is starting deep in pits or under the enamel surface where our instruments are unable to detect the decay.  Visual inspection is limited to what we can see, and not everything that looks discolored is decay.  In fact, it is been found,  in a study by Dr. Lussi of Berne University, ,that the combination of visual examinations, exploration with instruments , and x-rays combined  are only 57% successful in finding small pit and fissure decay.  So what is the answer?  

The DIAGNOdent is an ADA approved instrument for the inspection and detection of decay that is quick and painless..  The DIAGNOdent is a diode laser that can look inside our teeth to determine whether there is hidden decay in pits and fissures, or under the enamel surfaces.  The laser energey penetrates into the tooth resulting in the fluorescence of tooth structures.  At the same time, the DIAGNOdent measures the wavelength of this fluorescence and compares it to healthy tooth structure.  A numerical as well as audible signale is emmitted to inform us of any decalcification present, as well as the depth of the decay.  From these readings, we determine whether we need to place fillings, or treat with any preventive measures.  

Why the DIAGNOdent?  The diagnodent is much more reliable method of successfully diagnosing decay in teeth than traditional methods.  As opposed to the 57% accuracy noted above, the DIAGNOdent is 90% accurate. The DAGNOdent is just another tool for thet detection of decay that allows us to detect the early onset of decay, thus allowing us to treat the decay while it is minimal, rather than waiting for the decay to progress into a bigger problem.   

To find out more, click HERE to go to the DIAGNOdent website.

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In 2005 the DIAGNOdent was accepted by the Americdan Dental Association's Council on Scientific Affairs. The DIAGNOdent was found to be effective as an aid in the detection and monitoring of caries and sound and thoroughly cleaned and accessible tooth surfaces.