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DEEP BLEACHING® is a tooth whitening technique developed by Dr. Rod Kurthy out of California.  Dr. Kurthy is a lecturer that tests products and develops techniques to improve the dental profession.  In today's cosmetically driven world, tooth whitening is a routine procedure done in the dental office.  

So, what works and how did we decide on the DEEP Bleaching® technique.  Well, pretty much all of the bleaching systems work to some extent.  You have probably heard of the traditional take home systems that you use at home to bleach after we make custom fabricated bleaching trays. There are quite a few companies making bleach for this technique.  You have probably heard of the in office, one hour bleaching that involves a special light or laser to whiten the teeth.  Companies like Bright Smiles® or Zoom® have been very successfully marketed to the public, and they are good products. The truth is that the light does not whiten the teeth, it just activates a stronger peroxide to work faster, and thus bleach faster.  We have used the LumaArch® light in our office since 2001.  

The Deep Bleaching ® technique is an ever evolving technique that keeps improving and changing with changes in materials and knowledge. What sets Dr. Kurthy's technique apart from the rest?  First off, the custom tray fabrication technique produces a much better fitting bleaching tray and therefore it does a better job in delivering the bleach to the teeth without dilution.  Dr. Kurthy has developed a bleach that has the ideal thickness for his properly fitted trays.  Next, Dr. Kurthy has developed a one hour bleach that does not, yes you heard it, does not require the use of a light.  He has developed a chemicaly activated bleach that is more uniformly mixed and activated, thus yielding more active oxygen molecules to bleach with.  Because of this, the bleach does not have to be as strong as it had to be for the light activated systems.  Strong peroxides do burn, and that was a problem with some of the one hour systems. Finally, Dr. Kurthy has developed desensitizers that work with the bleach to enhance whitening, while they reduce sensitivity.  The Deep Bleaching®  system involves an in office session, followed by two weeks at home, finishing with a second in office session.  We really do see the best results with this technique, and we think you will too.

Old crowns and fillings wil NOT bleach.  If you want your teeth whitened, these will probably require us to replace any old dental work in the smile zone.  In addition, bleaching may result in some sensitivity and patients with hypersensitive teeth may have problems with increased sensitivity.  The desensitizers help, but do not completely eliminate all sensitivity.


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Above is a Tetracycline case.  One of the toughest bleaching cases to treat.  The photos here don't do justice to how well this one worked