It sounds like it should be obvious that we explain everything pertaining to your treatment to you before we proceed, but all too often, patients have no idea what is being done to them, nor why things are necessary.  All too often, patients have little understanding of their condition and simply trust the judgment of their dentist.  Although this is usually okay, we still feel it is important that the patient understand what is being done.  We want our patients to know everything that we know about their condition BEFORE treatment starts, and update them throughout treatment.  We want our patients to be partners in the diagnosis and treatment planning process.

Our office has invested in the latest digital technology so we can instantly show you x-rays and photographs on a television screen right in front of you.  We will go through the  diagnosis and treatment planning process together, making decisions about treatment together.  Our computer system is linked to the television right in front of our patients and we can zoom in, highlight, and enhance images so our patients can see exactly what we see. We like to give a little anatomy lesson while we show our patients their images.  Then together we decide which treatment options are possible, and which would work best for your individual case. When needed, we can provide you with copies of these images and you can take them home to discuss with a significant other that may help you in sorting out your treatment options.



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